Quenching your insatiable thirst for specialty recruitment

In the movie, "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" Matthew McConaughey, an avid sports fan, is being tormented by Kate Hudson who is intentionally trying to drive him away utilizing the atrocious dating tactics of our teens and twenties.  In the scene above, Kate times a claim of "insatiable thirst" with the closing minutes of a Knicks playoff game.  Irritated, but compliant, he races through the crowd, secures the thirst quenching drink, and returns hoping to catch the closing seconds.  To his dismay, she tries the large, ice-cold Coke and utters the famous words, "It's not diet - I'm so thirsty!"...Read More


Compensation and Housing Crisis Befalls...

Last week I had the honor of presenting with colleagues from Memorial Sloan- Kettering at the AAAP Regional Meeting in Philadelphia.  We were focused on broader recruiting and retention strategies, however, it did not take long for the questions and conversations to zero in on the departmental challenges of meeting compensation and housing requests of current staff and physician leadership candidates...Read More


Guess the Current Salary...

If you circled every number from the list above then you are correct.  The talent and cost implications of compensation disparities in pediatrics are profound.  It is no longer just an academic versus private practice debate as only the top number above represents a non-university based private practice role.  It is about innovative process, the ability to compete and be competitive, and a unified energized presentation.  Do you need data?...Read More


Old People! Wake-Up And Engage - The Y Generation We Created Is Here!

What happens when you take a generation of kids at birth and give them everything, take care of everything, answer everything and tell them nothing, but "You go into the world and accomplish really big things!"  You get the Y Generation.  Currently defined as those young tattooed idealist between the ages of 18 and 35 who grew up getting a trophy for every effort and activity....Read More


To Spouse Or Not To Spouse? That Is The Question.

 One of the key things I have learned in the last 20 years in this business, especially with physician candidates, is the critical nature of the spouse in the process.  The spouse is often overlooked in the historical academic process and yet it is those institutions that effectively engage the spouse early who are seeing the greatest results.  If you are not currently bringing the spouse on the first interview visit then here are a few things to consider...Read More