Digging Deep to Find Answers.

At MillicanSolutions, we know that sourcing and finding the right candidate for our clients goes beyond the basic interview questions about credentials, education, and experience. After thousands of one-on-one interviews with physicians and C-suite executives, we know that one of the most effective interview techniques involves asking pertinent situational, open-ended questions of a candidate. Open-ended questions enable you to glean more meaningful and poignant information about the candidate's true personality, work ethic, values, management style, and leadership potential. The depth and detail of an answer and the emotional undertones of its delivery will truly help determine whether a perspective candidate might fit well within your organization's culture.…Read More


It's not my job!

Physician retention should be a top priority for senior academic leadership and should be a factor in performance reviews and/or incentive programs. For programs to thrive, retention must be one of the top priorities of senior leadership teams, and not just the responsibility of the section chiefs or department chairs…Read More


From Enthusiastic Candidate to Committed Colleague.

Health institutions and academic departments are generally at their best and on their best behavior during the recruitment process.  Candidates experience the positive energy of the organization and get a real sense of the passion and potential that exists for their respective program.  Once the deal is signed though, the ability to effectively transition new leaders will solidify the early enthusiasm as a cultural attribute or merely a sales strategy…Read More


Establishing High Functioning Search Committees

High functioning search committees do not just magically happen.  Creating a dynamic and results-oriented committee requires a strategic and methodical approach.  The search committees you charge will literally function as the organization's sales force for top talent acquisition.   The committee members are the front line and will be solely responsible for the perception of the role and organization in the market.  A high functioning search committee will allow a successful and timely acquisition of critically needed leadership versus a dysfunctional search committee that allows the process to derail; wasting valuable dollars, time, and opportunity.…Read More


You Get What You Pay For! 

"You get what you pay for." We have all heard the saying, but nothing could be truer than when you are recruiting a physician leader to establish or rebuild a clinical or academic program. Unfortunately, many hospitals are not willing to pay the necessary price to attract the best physician leaders. That being said, why would any successful, happy, well-established, reputable, outstanding, highly recruited physician leader come for less?…Read More